• Right words, wrong words, write words and erase – including definitions of some confusing words

    Our and are, they’re not interchangeable.
    When we write, we want to write with passion. How do we write passionately when in our minds we are then thinking of the editing process? Sometimes, I do like to free write. It makes my writing come out of me like a stream rolling down a hill.
    Editing is important. Word choices are important. Utilizing words in the wrong places at the wrong times can make your work seem difficult to read and amateurish.
    Your choice of words for sentences have to make sense. Words are not always interchangeable. “Our” and “are” are two completely different words, but still some people have used one where the other should be. I had seen the sentences “we our going to my mother’s house.””are friends and us went to the movies.” That’s where the editing needs to begin to take place. We don’t speak like Shakespeare, however our writing does need a bit of a clean up at times. Their, they’re and there do get some people confused. Then and than both have different meanings.
    You see at times adults writing a status on a social network where they’re knocking their child and the child’s educators. Yet in their comments they’re using sentences such as “my kid isn’t doing to good in school.” That’s not the best sentence to read, especially coming from a parent that is complaining about how the child is doing in school.
    To, too and two are not interchangeable, but they are miswritten at times.
    To (preposition) is basically used as a functioning word indicating movement or actions towards a person, location, thing, direction or time.
    They went to the zoo.
    Too (adverb) besides, also, to an excessive degree.
    I think he went too far. She didn’t do too well in school.
    Two (pronoun or noun) is a number. It is one more than one. A couple. A small group.
    The music group consisted of two guitarists.
    Their (adjective) of or relating to him, his, her, it’s, them, or themselves. Possession of an object or an action.
    Their neighbors came to the barbecue and brought roasted vegetables and a cherry pie.
    They’re (contraction) they are.
    They’re going to the movies with Shawn to see a shark film.
    Of the three words they’re, their and there. The word there has the most in uses of them.
    There (adverb) to, at or in a place, a point or stage, matter, respect or relation.
    Stop over there. Go there after the store. There is where we differ in opinion.
    There (pronoun) function word to start a sentence.
    There shall be a limit on time at the computer in the library.
    There (noun) place, position or point
    Take it from there and put it here.
    There (adjective) conscious, rational or aware, be relied on, used for emphasis.
    He’s been there for us. His mind doesn’t seem to be all there. Those women there run the holiday fair.
    Then (adverb) next in time, soon after, besides, necessary consequence, in that case, or by way of summing it up.
    First came the soup then came the main entrée. If sides a and b are equal and then sides c and d are equal, then you have a square.
    Then (noun) at that time
    Since then, she doesn’t like to go in water.
    Then (adjective) belonging to a time mentioned.
    He was then the clown in a circus.
    Than (conjunction) a function word used to indicating differences of kind, manner or identity, rather than, or other than.
    There are two dogs other than the cat as pets in the home.
    Than (preposition) comparison with another.
    I would rather have a steak than a hamburger.
    Our (adjective) relating to us or ourselves, belonging to us
    Our mom makes excellent fudge brownies.
    Are (verb also could be a noun) plural and the second person singular of the present tense of the verb be.
    We are going to the movies this weekend.
    Starting with the spellings of words after you write and correcting what you notice on your words can help greatly with improving your writing.
    Sometimes, spell checks don’t work one hundred percent and then there’s times when a program may suggest a wrong word. By rereading your work, you may catch more of your own mistakes.
    Another thing is auto filling on the phones and computers. You may be writing quickly and thinking that you’re typing one word while another completely different word is written.
    I hate after I send something then I notice the wrong words. Hopefully, there isn’t too many wrong words in this writing. My errors are my errors, but hopefully I’m not sharing them as well.

    Words listed in this page include the definitions and uses of:

    Smile. Create. Be happy.

    Right words, wrong words, write words and erase – including definitions of some confused words

  • In search of a girl

    In Search of a girl

    “Where are you? I just seen you in a store and that’s it, I forgot where”. Tom said looking at his phone.

    “Is it a girl? I hope that it’s a girl that you’re talking about.” Mike joked back.

    “Well, kind of.”

    “How is it kind of? It’s a girl or it isn’t a girl.”

    “Yeah, it’s a girl.” Tom’s grin was wide across his face. “She’s beautiful, but I’m not sure where I seen her. I am going to try going back to some places where I was yesterday.” He threw a backpack at Mike, “come on, we’re going to some stores.”

    The two walked out of Tom’s place to their first stop, a pet store about six blocks away.

    “A pet store, ok; we are at a pet store.”  Mike shakes his head and looks around. “Oh an animal lover, very nice quality in a girl.”

    “Yeah, but…”

    “Ooh a monkey. They have little monkeys here. Wow, I want a monkey.” Mike walks towards a medium cage with bars spaced slightly wider than normal cages. “You’re a cute little one.” The monkey screeches and jumps up and down, then so does Mike. “I could do this all day. Hey pet exercise.”

    “You have got to be kidding me. Do you know what you look like? Never mind, you don’t want to know what you look like” Tom says to Mike as he’s looking at the person approaching them.

    “Can I help you?” The man asks.

    “Do we look like we need help?” Mike asks as he makes faces back at the monkey.

    “Well, you do, but you won’t find that kind of help here.” The worker replied.

    “Oh, ok, I got you” Mike said with austerity, looking back at the monkey. The monkey put his hand up to wave. Mike put his hand up to wave. The monkey throws both arms up; Mike throws his arms up. “Slap me five” Mike puts his hand up close to the monkey. The monkey smacks him five times in the face and jumps excitedly.

    Mike grabs his face. “Did you see that? He hit me.”

    “Actually, it looks like he beat you.” The worker scoffed.

    “You got the bananas beat out of you.” Tom laughed.

    “Is she here?” Mike asked Tom.

    “No. The other place that I went was Claire’s spa. Maybe she’s there.”

    “Oh Yes, we’re going to a luxury spa. Later monkey, here, smack him” Mike moves closer to the cage and pulls the worker close. The monkey hollers, jumps and smacks Mike.

    “It seems that you really excite him.” Tom snorted.

    “It’s a girl,” the worker told them as they were walking out of the store.

    “Well at least you found a girl” Tom joked as they walked in to the spa.

    “It’s nice having so many businesses in our neighborhood. What were you doing at the spa?” Mike quizzed Tom.

    “Mom told me to bring Sarah something she left home.”

    “Speaking of the offspring, here she comes.”

    “Thomas what are you two doing here?” Sarah asked.

    “This is a luxury spa and I want some luxury spa-ing or whatever you ladies do,” Mike said with a smug voice. He points his finger up at her and moves it around her face “I want the whole procedure.” He changes his voice to a strange higher-pitched tone. “I want to be marvelous, mmaahhvalous.”

    “Ok, Tara, give him a special treatment, the works. You want pampering, Mike, I’m going to give you pampering.”

    Mike smiles, “ok, I’m looking forward to this.”

    Tara pulls Mike and pushes him into a chair, “we’re going to start with a little pampering, we’re going to make those legs look, hot.” She rolls up his pant leg and pours a yellow-orange liquid substance on to his leg.

    “Aaaah,” Mike jumps in the seat and hollers. Are you kidding me? That is hot.”

    “It’s wax.” Tara told him.

    “Not a problem, I want a tattoo, I can handle a little wax, I can take it. Pouring hot wax on me is not so bad. What, what is that tape that you’re putting on the wax?”

    “The hot wax wasn’t so bad, you said. You can take it.”

    “Yeah, I can take it, I can take” Mike says as Tara yanks the tape off of his leg. “Aaaah damn,” Mike punches the chair with his hand.

    “What happened? Is that a little too much pampering to help you look fine? Yeah, look at those legs, nice and smooth” she chuckled as she rubbed his leg.

    “Oh wait” another girl walks over and laughs. “You’ve got to look good when you leave here. I need to do those eyebrows,” she says with a big grin.

    “Go right a head and tweeze away.”

    “Tweeze, hah, he thinks we’re going to tweeze him.”

    “Yeah, you know that tattoo that you would like?”

    “Yeah,” Mike said sternly.

    The other girl held a machine with a part that looked like a pen and tweezers. “The tattoo that you would like, this is similar.”

    “Go ahead.”

    “I am,” she puts the utensil to his eyebrow and he squeezes the arms on the chair, winces and clenches his teeth. “It’s just that the electrolysis machine differs from a tattoo machine by sending electric zaps in to your skin.

    Through his watery eyes, Mike noticed the exit sign. He pushed the girls, grabbed Tom, and said, “Let’s go, I’ve had enough.”

    As they approached the exit sign, Tom noticed a box and ran to it. “There you are.” He said happily reaching inside.

    “There who is?”

    “I found her. The girl that I was looking for, this is the girl that I saw who needed to be adopted.”

    “Really, I went through all this, for a puppy?” Mike said in a cynical tone. “The girl is a dog!”

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  • Do you believe in yourself?

    Done by me in Adobe Fresco

    Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in what you really could accomplish if you try hard enough and keep persisting?
    My father used to tell me that it doesn’t matter how fast you are or if you could beat all of the others? You just have to keep trying. Don’t give up and don’t quit. Be persistent with what you do that it might just pay off for you one day.
    He would also ask me if I still like Drawing? I would say, yes. Then he would say good, now go draw me a bath! He would also ask if I wanted to be in stage, then he’d say that one is leaving soon, be on it. Lol. I miss him. I think of him often. I also think of the things that he had tried to teach me.
    He used to give me those cards that had the positive sayings on them. They were great to keep tucked in a wallet. I’m not sure if many people even carry wallets now-a-days.
    There was one that I do remember, somewhat. It was a plastic card that had a saying about believing in yourself.
    Words are powerful to people. They could make them feel bad but they could also help people feel better.
    If you just take some time out of your day and tell someone that you think that they’re doing well.
    Did you ever go to one of those bitch about parties? The people that just sit there and talk or knock everyone else. They could suck the fun right out of a room. How do you feel when you’re there? You’re surrounded by people that are just talking about other people. Chances are that when you’re not there, you’re probably a topic of theirs as well. Do you really feel happy when you’re pushing other people down? Is it building you up? Doubt it.
    Don’t knock people down -build them up. Be positive. Be an inspiration to others. Help people succeed. We all want to succeed. We could all use someone to help build us up.
    Do you believe in yourself? Wouldn’t you want others to believe in you as well? There’s so much more that you could accomplish by having a better mind frame. Being more positive. Believing in yourself and what you could do can make you want to push yourself to reach for more goals.
    They say to reach for the stars. Go ahead, reach for the stars. Keep trying. Don’t quit. Don’t give up. I want to give up many times. Then sometimes I think, it’s okay. Just take one step back, regroup myself and then start it back up -again.
    Try to stay with the positive affirmations. Carry a happy thought and spread it. Someone might be going through the same thoughts as you are thinking. That person could use some lifting up as well. Keep the good thoughts. Spread the good thoughts. Be like those cards in a pocket reminding people to keep going.

    Done by me, drawn with pencils, inked in and finished in colored pencils.

    Happy reading!
    Happy writing!

    Smile. Create. Be happy.

  • How could you think of being more considerate of others?

    If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say it at all. That’s what my parents had taught me. So, I sit quiet, at times. Then I think why aren’t people considerate of others? I do try. Sometimes, it could be quite difficult.
    For instance I could be sitting somewhere trying to write then there’s a person blaring a radio. It’s not the music. I am a big fan of different types of music, especially the rock music types. There’s a person nearby she has on rock from the eighties. One of my favorite types of music.
    Anytime soon the lunch room guy will most likely be putting on some of his music. He has it on now. Funny, she shut hers down at the moment.
    His music, the words for this song are repetitive. I have no clue what they’re actually saying. To me, it sounds like they’re saying over like a rat. Over like a rats ass. Whatever that could possibly sound like? Over and over again.
    Sometimes you just want quiet. Maybe it’s because I am older these days. If it’s too loud, then you’re too old.
    Wait, her radio is back on. Maybe she didn’t realize that it was off? Now, there’s the clash of the sounds. I’m not sure if she lowered hers a bit to hear his as well.
    The topics in this place are basically by people complaining about others. Some of the voices could get to a person. Really, my thoughts – there’s a woman that’s as high pitched as a squaking bird. Her sound resonates like that of nails going down a chalkboard. She constantly complains about everyone else and everything. Sometimes, I don’t blame her. Especially when it comes to the foods served at this place.
    But how do we keep thinking about what other people do, when we often do things ourselves?
    That’s like when people say that they’re against bullying. Bullying of any kind. Then they go to a store and there is only one clerk and a line of people. How often people are rude to them?
    I have been walking differently. I worked at a Kmart’s in Staten Island. My favorite area to work in was the electronics department. I actually trained 9 department managers for their jobs there. There was a time around the holidays when there was a lot of people at all of the registers and there I was in the electronics department- alone. There was a line. A woman came up and was yelling. She was screaming that the lines were too long. I heard her. I was around the aisle getting something out of a cabinet that was locked up. The customer and I came walking over to the line and I went back behind the register.
    The woman seen me walking and started saying things about that. She was complaining that I couldn’t even walk. Why was I working there? She also went on to call me a bunch of names.
    The woman was upset because she had to wait. There were other people there that were waiting as well. Why does everything have to be so fast paced? Why do people not want to accept everyone for their differences?
    I try to stay quiet at times, but I’m no less of a person than anyone else.
    Still there are many people out there that don’t take others into consideration.
    At two am, four and five year olds shouldn’t be running around outside screaming on the tops of their lungs, but people do allow it. How is that respectful of your neighbors?
    How could you think of being more considerate of others? Why should I wonder that? Because I do try. I don’t want to be completely rude. There’s plenty of times when I do go off on people, but I try not to. There is a difference between being nice and not being a door mat. You don’t have to walk all over people, but you don’t have to get stepped on either.
    Because I walk differently, doesn’t mean that I can’t do things and that doesn’t mean that people could just say things or call me names. There’s enough of things that I lost out on or missed because of my walking, but being human is not one of them.

    We shouldn’t just judge people based on what you think about them, but on the person themselves and try to think of others. Think how would you feel? Smile it may make you feel better and someone else. ​

    Smile. Create. Be happy.

  • The experience

    Created by me using Photoshop

    The night blew in to the city as a bird fleeing the fallen snow. Lights lit up the streets where Sara stood with her long blond hair flowing in the breeze. She was amazed at her surroundings. Where she came from, the sidewalks were pulled in at five; here it was seven thirty and everything appeared to be waking to her.

    She walked over to a newsstand in search of material to tell her about places in New York. She purchased a picture book, and began flipping through it as she was walking away.

    The photo album showed many different places that she could experience while staying in the city. A picture showed a building that stood across from where she was. She ran over to the building.

    “Hi” said Sara excitedly to a figure standing at the door. “This place, it’s in here, in my photo album with your picture.” She was tapping a page in the book.

    “I hope that you’re not waiting for a response” a male voice spoke.

    Sara looked to the side of the figure.

    “He’s a wax figure. This is a wax museum.” On the side was a young-looking man with brown eyes and brown wavy hair. “He doesn’t talk, just stands in the doorway with his smile.”

    “Oh, excuse me. I was just going through this photo album and trying to find places to go. I guess that I’m a bit hungry so this place probably won’t really do anyway,” Sara said flipping pages again then stepped away from the building.

    “Hold on. Are you alone?” The man asked walking over to her.

    “Yes.” She smiled clutching the book to her chest between her arms.

    “I’m Danny,” he said taking her book. “If you want something to eat, these are a few restaurants” he shows her the pages with a blue tab on the corner. “What kind of food do you like?  Do you like chicken or hamburgers?”

    Sara shoved her hand in to a page to stop him from turning. “What about this?”

    “That’s actually around the corner here, but it’s pricey. It’s an upscale restaurant.”

    “I want to go there. It looks so nice.”

    “Okay, if you want, come on,” Danny said.

    “You’re coming with me?” She asked.

    “Would you like me to join you for tonight?”

    “Yes, I would like that.” She smiled.

    The two walked to Mangiano’s Ristorante. The lights dimmed as they walked into the dining area. The room was mostly lit by flameless candles on each table. The ceiling had chandeliers which had a delicate glow from the bulbs, giving soft light to the waiter as he guided them to their seats and handed them menus.

    “What would you recommend?” Sara asked the waiter.

    “Something affordable” Dan spoke as he looked up and down the menu.

    “Flipped burgers from a fast food place.” The waiter replied sarcastically.

    “I came here to experience a different life style. It’s so unlike from where I am from. I want to do things that I never did. I ate many flipped burgers. I want this,” She pointed at the menu, circled her finger, and then placed it down on the menu.

    “Good choice, calamari Fra Diavolo, and for you,” the waiter whispered.

    “A burger,” Dan told the waiter. “Could I get fries with that?”

    The waiter walked away. Sara was amazed with everything around her. A large fish tank caught her eye and she ran over to it.

    “Look at this, there’s so much in here.” She said with awe as a man walked to the back of the tank. “Dan, I think he took out an octopus,” she laughed rushing back towards the table, not paying attention to where she was going.

    Sara ran right in to a tray holding food at a nearby table. The tray tipped, but she caught it. “It looks good,” she told the couple sitting there. She put the tray on the stand. A woman rushed over and fixed the tray and stand. Sara took a piece of something red off of a plate. “I never had this. It doesn’t taste as if it’s done. What is it?”

    “Sushi” the man snarled.

    She sat back down with Dan. “The glasses are beautiful,” she picked hers up turned it, to look at the design and dropped it onto the floor.

    The woman returned with a broom, pan and mumbling about Sara. “Try not to cause any more catastrophes. How long are you staying?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “It was not an actual question.” The woman said sarcastically looking at management watching them. “I was just kidding.” She put on a phony smile. “You seem so fun and nice.”

    “Thank you,” Sara smiled.

    The woman shook her head, gave Sara another glass of water, grinned, and walked away.  Shortly after, the waiter brought their food. Her plate was covered in red tomato sauce, hiding the pieces around the plate, mixed in with the linguini.

    “It looks good.” Sara stuck her fork in quickly and filled her mouth. “Oh that’s hot;” she yelled, fanned her mouth and grabbed her glass. “I don’t do well with hot. Where’s the, what was it calamari?”

    “It’s in there,” Dan moved her food around with a knife and showed it to her.

    She took a piece. “It’s hot, but good. What is calamari?”

    “Well, you know that octopus?” Dan asked looking at the fish tank.

    “I hope not.” She dropped everything, spilling water across the table. “I can’t eat fish, nothing from the ocean.” She told him.

    “Really,” Dan said popping up from his chair, raising his voice. “Now you say this? Why didn’t you say something earlier or ask what your food was?”

    “Yes, really,” Sara’s face was turning pink. “I wanted an experience and didn’t think.”

    “I think you both should just go instead of arguing” the waiter said.

    “Let’s go,” Dan said as he lifted her off her seat.

    “Where” She asked?

    “We are going to another new experience for you, a New York doctor.”

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  • Accepting people for who they are.

    Accepting people for who they are.

    My favorite authors are J.K. Rowling and S.E. Hinton. Both, I think are fabulous writers. They have written for young adults or their books have been considered as kids books. I’m an adult and I do like to read in the younger genres.
    They’re fiction writers, both being women and both had used initials along with their last names.
    Many women are excellent writers. There are excellent women in sports and many other areas including business.
    It’s hard enough to get recognized in many areas, especially being a woman. I am a woman and I’m disabled. So that’s kind of like a double whammy. I like comics and dragons, just to name a couple. I draw dragons. I like to work and create in photoshop. They’re my creations.
    We are living in vocalized times. We have the media and the internet and the buzz all the times of this, that and the other thing.
    We don’t have to always agree with people or like everything that people say or do, but that’s like a gift. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. With opinions, there aren’t any right answers, nor are there wrong answers, they’re opinions and thoughts.
    So how do we have freedom of speech and want to keep moving forward, when there’s many people that get opposed to things and want them banned or stopped? Isn’t that sort of going backwards? That’s censorship.
    I may not like some things that someone else says, but I wouldn’t stop them from saying it. If you don’t like something then don’t listen to it. Don’t read something that you don’t like. Don’t watch a show if you’re against it. You could change the channel. I may not like something that someone else does, I’m not going to start yelling, hey take that off or get rid of that actor or actress.
    How do you get to a point when people are saying that I don’t like what she said, so let’s get rid of her and disassociate her from the franchise?
    Let’s look at that from an authors perspective. If you’re an author and you create a character and a whole book set which includes a beginning, a middle and an ending then how could you be taken away from that? You’re still the parent of that writing.
    We are all people. We want to move forward. We don’t like to sit still. So why should it be that some could say things but others are bashed for them?
    There’s different parts of the world where people are still trying to find their voices. We have voices. We have stories to tell and to share.
    Women have been struggling with trying to find their ways. I am in a big struggle, right now.
    Whether we agree or disagree with people that is our choice. We don’t have to like everything. I don’t like everything.
    I am a woman. I am disabled. I’m a single mom of a twenty-six year old daughter. I am an artist. I’m a writer and I’m a designer.
    I don’t like to see people getting picked on. It doesn’t matter what sex you are or aren’t or who you like or don’t like. We’re all people.
    What we have are thoughts and preferences. If a person prefers another person then that’s their prerogative. It’s not up to others to tell them that they can’t or shouldn’t like someone else for whatever reason. If someone says something, then it’s their opinion, it’s what they like or don’t like but it’s not a reason to hate people.
    There’s too much hate in the world. There are freedoms that we all want. How could we say that we want our freedoms, but try to stop others from theirs? It’s freedom. Not censorship.
    We don’t want to suppress others from living their happy lives.
    Women get pushed down in many areas, they’re still trying to build themselves up. We want to do better. We want to progress forward. It’s a difficult time and yet a more open one.

    Women and writing have been going on for a long time. There are wonderful writers. They have opened up readers to new worlds, to higher inspirations and to new heroes and heroines.

    It’s probably not easy to support someone with views that differ from yours, but that’s something that makes us all unique. We all don’t look the same, act the same or think the same. It’s our differences that we should be celebrating and being grateful for. That’s what gives us each our own characters and traits.

    Try to be supporting more for each other rather than just knocking each other. Try reading other people’s works for their work, not their opinions on whatever. Finally, try to accept people for who they are, not what we think they should be. Encourage others. Encourage women.

    The woman image that accompanies this post, I had created using Photoshop 6. Photoshop 6 has been my favorite program of choice.

    Be happy. Be creative.

  • A secret trick to trying to get a head when you’ve fallen down

    You could say that I could be an insanely productive person on account of I don’t like to just sit and do nothing. I do work a lot at my craft, but the money just hasn’t been there for me. My current situation is that I’m in an Assisted Living place. I don’t like it here. I don’t like the foods or that I can not choose what I want to cook to eat. These people don’t really even know what fresh vegetables are? I can’t say that I could blame the cooks on account they say that the corporate office sets the menu then they print it and follow through. I call it survival foods. Then again, I don’t know how long people could survive on these things on account of the nutritional values are very low. The Turkey isn’t even real Turkey it’s that processed stuff. You would think pair it with cranberries-right? Yeah! How is sauerkraut? Yep, that was a meal recently Turkey with sauerkraut. There’s no room for your own items. I am an artist. I’m a graphic designer and I’m a writer. Everything is in storage. It seems that my life is in storage. So I could sit and just keep crying or I could try to find another way to make money to help support myself, that’s what I’m trying. Life is a journey. There are some unforeseen circumstances that could throw you off of your trail, but you have to stay positive and you have to keep going. It’s not easy, then again anything that is worth anything never is easy. I’ve watched many videos on making money and doing this and doing that but how do you double, or more than double an income of $0? After all anything multiplied by 0 is 0. So, you have to create a new income. That I all ready knew. I was on one of those coaching corners and the woman was like how could I help you with your business? I told her my situation. She told me that I have to rebuild myself. I appreciate that she told me that-although I all ready knew that. A secret trick to trying to get ahead when you've fallen down - there really is no secret trick. It's just hard work. It's lifting yourself up. It's picking up a pair of three pound weights and working out when you don't want to move or exercise. It's writing or typing something if you don't feel up to writing. It's pushing yourself to go beyond your daily boundaries that are chaining you to your wall and trying to break through. I am here. I am trying and I am rebuilding myself. Now, I’m going for better than before. It’s the beginning of August 2022, August of 2021 I was in a wheelchair. I’m still living. I was all the way down, now hopefully and pray fully the way to go is straight up. I told myself that I want to try to find an agent for my writings. I have multiple things written. I would like to put them out. I would also like to put out a coloring book. Paint your own painting. I am trying. Sometimes things could be so overwhelming. Not just for me but I'm pretty sure that everyone has obstacles to get over. Thank you for reading this. Stay happy. Stay positive. Stay blessed.

  • Senior Moments

    2. Senior Moments

    Being a senior – citizen seems like hours of waiting, although it’s only been minutes, but who’s watching a clock? It could be a watch. Ahhh a watch. Simpler times. To see the time, I looked at my wrist and seen the time. At most, I flicked my wrist to read it.

    But technology has come forward, so now my easy to see and read watch, lays on the face of my cell phone.

    To see the time, I have to reach in to my pocket, (hoping that I have the contraption with me) take out my cell phone, press a button, and if that doesn’t work, flip the phone open, I was getting to my children with a smart phone- and my neighbors- and friends, oh and basically anyone else that I would randomly call as I didn’t know what I was doing. There’s only so many times that people want to hear- that thing dialed itself! That and I don’t know who the hell that singer is, why would I want to buy that song? You call that music? Don’t get me started! So, I find the time on that thing, phone, cell phone. The cell phone, a portable phone. One that goes all over with me. One to use if I really need it. Say there’s a storm. Yes, a storm. I have my phone with me. They say it’s also good if I’m some place remote. They used to have phone booths and land lines. Now, with advances in technology, we have the portable phones. The ones to have in case you need it. If there’s a storm, or if you’re in an area- my land line worked. This thing, pfft, not always. I get a damn bill, but I’m not able to get excellent reception. Don’t get me started on remote areas. Stuck in a storm. Stuck in an out of the way area, my land line worked better. Oh yeah, and I would still be able to tell the time. Those ringers when those things goes off- what’s that? Was my phone ringing? Was that you? What the hell was that? That was a song? What was she saying? Wait, it was a he? What am I supposed to know that? I can’t see what I’m looking at? It’s ringing. I don’t have a clue what they’re saying. In my time, we knew the singers. We also knew the words. They didn’t repeat the same things over and over. They also didn’t put people down, some songs were fun and energetic. They had meaning. Well, sure some we didn’t understand or some weren’t as obvious, but some were historical, story telling and probably some of the most depressing- they can get you crying with their introductions. The instruments start, your memories start and you’re in tears. But you could still dance to them. YES, dance! Don’t get me started! Are they dancing or having spasms? We held each other and danced. You turned the radio on. The button was tuned to your station. Now, DON’T get me started. I can’t work the finagling thing. Turn it on and go, what was wrong with that? Now, it’s not a matter of easily finding stations. Actually, I can’t even easily find a radio. There’s all of these machines, gadgets and gizmos. Some of them do more than one thing. So you sit there. You look at that thing and then you think, where am I going to find my music? Then you think, am I using the right contraption? Then you go to put something on and you think, what the hell was I doing? Oh, yeah, I wanted to listen to some music. There’s the box that it comes out of, it’s connected to the television. I need the remote. THE REMOTE! Which one? Okay, the Tv remote. It’s made to make things easier. In my day, we went to the Tv, then put the button on. We turned the knob to our channel THEN WE WATCHED IT!  I thought that was easy. Ok, apparently, not getting out of your seat, may be easier. Now, I have the remote. I want to play my music. I have to put on the tv. Now, what button am I pressing? I am pressing the right button. I’m now pressing other buttons and nothing. I’m swinging my arm pressing the on button and there’s nothing. There’s nothing. Up and down, I could have been up, put the tv on and found a channel to watch. Actually, I could have just turned on my radio. MY RADIO. I would have been listening to my music by now. Heck, I could have been humming to the second or third song all ready. No, I’m swinging my arm. Oh look, I’m DANCING! Yeah, you could dance without leaving your seat, just like putting on a tv. Swing up, swing down. CLICK! I heard a click. It clicked on. Oh, yeah, my daughter said that she wanted to draw a bull’s eye mark where I’m supposed to point this thing.

    Now, to change the channels. Oh, don’t get me started! Don’t get me started.  There’s too many damn commercials. Sometimes, I’m sitting here and I’m waiting for my show to go back on. I’m waiting. I’m watching this thing that they want me to buy. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO sixty seconds or two minute commercials? Aah, my daughter tells me that these are infomercials. They used to have time slots- not in the middle of my programs. So, I’m waiting and that’s it. I watch and my show has no ending. They don’t show the whole thing. Even if I record it. That DVR thing, if it’s recording then it cuts off the ending. Oh, just don’t get me started! Where’s my music? What’s this? I pressed something. It asked me if I want to sign in? Do I want to sign in? No, are you crazy? I just want to hear some music before anyone gets home. That’s all I want just to hear some music. Play music. “Play music?”  WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT. Who’s there? Is someone there?

    Play music. What music would you like to hear?”

    Who is that? Now, I’m standing here, I’m yelling in to the air and I’m hearing voices. Who’s there?

    Play music?”

    “Never mind. I’ll forget the music. No music, bye!”

    I’m just sitting here. The television is low. I can barely hear it. I don’t want to hear it. I think that I heard enough for today.”

    The door closes and my daughter walks in.

    “Hi Da! How was your day? Anything interesting for you or on tv? What were you watching your shows? How can you hear that? It’s too low, even for me.”

    “No, nothing interesting. I didn’t want to watch the television really today.”

    “Oh, okay. Hey da, check this out that I brought in last night. I set it up, right next to you. It’s supposed to make life easier. You tell it what you want, then it talks to you and asks you what you want it to do.”


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